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Local Moving Company Serving Boston, Massachusetts

Comparing moving companies in Boston, Massachusetts or the surrounding states? All About Moving is a local Boston moving company that stands above the rest… because we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. Let our experienced and considerate team of Massachusetts relocation consultants navigate you through your moving experience. We are here to guide you through your moving process and local relocation in Massachusetts and the surrounding states.

Massachusetts Relocation Services: How It Works

OUR HOURLY RATE BEGINS WHEN THE MOVERS ARRIVE AT YOUR ORIGIN RESIDENCE and they begin moving you, and the hourly rate will end after we complete the job at your destination residence.

OUR LOCAL BOSTON MOVING COMPANY DOES NOT CHARGE TRAVELING FEES FROM PORT TO PORT...meaning we do not charge from our facility back to our facility, and we do not add an extra hour traveling time like some Boston moving companies may do at the end of your move. We pride ourselves on making you aware of all charges in advance. We have a one-time flat fee that is very "clear" for travel, gas and mileage, ensuring that there are NO SURPRISES on your final bill.

AFTER OUR TWO HOUR MINIMUM, WE BILL IN 15 MINUTE INCREMENTS. If the job takes more than 2 hours -- let's say it takes an extra 15 minutes -- you will only be charged for 15 minutes instead of another full hour. This policy has been engaged to insure that our Boston relocation clients are being charged fairly.

HOW DO WE CALCULATE A TIME FRAME FOR YOUR LOCAL RELOCATION? Generally a moving time frame is calculated by the number of rooms you have. One average filled room equals one hour of time frame, meaning 1/2 hour for loading and 1/2 hour for off loading. If you have 4 average filled rooms the moving time frame would be approximately 4 hours. Providing a detailed list of all the items you are moving, along with the number of boxes, is the best procedure for determining an accurate time frame.

Also, the traveling time from your origin residence to your destination residence has to be included into your time frame. For example, if you live one hour from your destination residence, that one hour travel would need to be calculated into your time frame. If you lived 1/2 hour from your destination residence, that 1/2 hour would have to be calculated into your time frame, etc. Other factors that would need to be addressed would be if you lived on a third floor walkup with no elevator. Walking up and down three flights of stairs would add more time into completing your move. Or if you needed our company to disassemble and reassemble a good amount of items, this task would add time frame to your move. There are many factors that would need to be addressed and considered in order for us to provide an accurate time frame. Also, for larger moves, we would love to come over and complete a free onsite estimation for you.

HOW MANY MOVERS SHOULD YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR BOSTON RELOCATION? Choosing the right number of movers depends on how many rooms you are moving. In terms of saving money and keeping your moving job from draining your wallet, our company always suggests at least three movers, no matter how small the job is (1 to 6 rooms). It is important to BE AWARE that two movers overall will take longer and cost you more in the long run. Most Boston moving companies will make more revenue on two movers moving you versus three movers. Why? When you employ two movers, the majority of the moving time only one mover will be in motion, as the other mover will need to take up his time loading and packing the truck, or wrapping and padding your furniture. With three movers you are getting "MORE FOR LESS" --- more movers, less time, which equals less money to pay at the completion of your move. Three movers will complete your Boston relocation a lot faster than two. For larger moves (seven to 12 rooms), we suggest four to six movers.

NO HIDDEN FEES. We pride ourselves on going over all moving and packing details with you. Sometimes our customers may have special needs, like a sensitive item that requires special packaging attention, or hoisting a large item that will not fit through doors or hallways. Extraordinarily heavy items such as pianos, pool tables, gym equipment and appliances should be discussed. We will confirm that you are aware of all fees before you commit to using our relocation services.

FULLY LICENSED, BONDED AND INSURED. All About Moving has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured local moving company in Boston, MA that holds state (MDTE) and federal (DOT) licenses. Insurance is $0.60 per pound per item. Our insurance covers any damage that our employees might cause to the exterior and interior of origin and destination residences, and to all of your items being moved. If our movers are injured during your local relocation, you are not liable.

If you would like to receive full coverage on all your items being moved, you can purchase insurance on the internet by going to Movinginsurance.com or you may call them directly at 888-893-8835. Another option would be to contact your home owner's insurance agency, as you may be able to purchase "traveling insurance" from them for the full insurance coverage of your move.

OUR MOVERS ARE EXPERIENCED AND HIGHLY SCREENED. Our Boston moving experts have long-term employment with our company. They are trustworthy and considerate. They are trained to handle your valuable possessions with great respect and care. Their job is to make your Massachusetts relocation experience the best one you will ever have!!! STATE OF THE ART MOVING TRUCKS: Our local relocation trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension, providing the highest protection for transporting your valuables. They're thoroughly maintained and dependable for all four seasons. We can provide 24-foot trucks which can transport up to eight rooms, and 15-foot trucks that can transport up to four rooms.

STORAGE AVAILABLE: We offer affordable long-term and short-term storage at a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, 14,000 sq. ft. facility. Items are fully padded in quilted blankets. A detailed inventory list is provided. Our Boston storage facility is exceptionally clean and highly secured 24 hours a day.

BOSTON MOVING AVAILABILITY: Scheduling the best time for your local relocation is important, especially when you have traffic patterns and travel times to consider. We can be there between 9:00 & 10:00 in the morning or 1:00 & 2:00 in the afternoon. If you require a precise arrival time, we will meet your request.

MATERIALS PROVIDED: We stock a full selection of packing supplies. Padding is free. Wrapping and strapping of your furniture is free. There is no charge for tape when being used on our pads. Disassembly and reassembly are free. However, we suggest you disassemble any furniture in advance to shorten the time our movers spend on your move. That effort will save you time and money.

PACKING AND UNPACKING SERVICES FOR YOUR MASSACHUSETTS RELOCATION: Preparing for your move can be overwhelming. Our company provides top-notch packers who are experienced, careful and quick as the wind. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, peanuts, wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes and other packing material will cost a fee. Please inquire for a quote. REFERRALS: We can provide you with as many referrals as you like. Our Massachusetts relocation customers are absolutely satisfied with our relocation services! PAYMENT: We take cash and all major credit cards. Checks are acceptable if they are backed up by a credit card.